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Martial Arts Supplies Inc.


#9, 640 - 42nd Ave NE
Calgary, AB


Phone: (403) 717-4344



Hours of operation:

Closed Sunday & Monday 

Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm

Saturday 10am-5pm

Please note we will be closed February Friday the 14th and will be open again normally on Saturday the 15th. 


Important Notice: Our e-store does not properly apply shipping charges.  We will email you back with a shipping quote when you submit your order.


Ving Tsun

Designed for women centrues ago by a Buddist nun and Shaolin master, ving tsun (also spelled wing chun) was mastered by a legendary young woman, Yim Wing Cions, after whom the system was named.  The martial art of wing chun is designed specifically to defeat larger, stronger opponents and is easy to learn, so anyone can benefit from and apply the movements.

Ving tsun uses simple yet extremely effective movements.  It applies scientific principles to the natural motions of the body to easily redirect and transfer force without using strength.


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