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Martial Arts Supplies Inc.


#9, 640 - 42nd Ave NE
Calgary, AB


Phone: (403) 717-4344



Hours of operation:

Closed Sunday & Monday 

Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm

Saturday 10am-5pm

Please note we will be closed February Friday the 14th and will be open again normally on Saturday the 15th. 


Important Notice: Our e-store does not properly apply shipping charges.  We will email you back with a shipping quote when you submit your order.



Aikido is a dynamic modern Japanese martial art, created in the 20th century and based on centuries of martial art training.  Aikido founder, Morhei Ueshiba, formulated a martial way that merges effective techniques with a mind set on Peace.  The power of an attack is controlled and redirected not confronted, allowing a suitable technique to be applied.  The intent is not to destroy an attacker but rather to extinguish the violence.


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